Friday, April 1, 2011

A Father's Walk...

On Thursday morning, I made my routine drive through the small city of Leavenworth on my way to drop off my son on post.  As some of you know, Leavenworth is a small, quaint town, and it has a cozy feel to it.  When I drive through, I always enjoy looking at the old buildings, businesses and shops to see if there is anything new happening.  I also love to watch people as they start their day.  This particular morning was no different.  However, I saw something different this time that touched me and reminded me that I am a daughter.
                As I approached a particular section of town near an old church, I had to stop, allowing some pedestrians to cross the street.  I watched patiently as they made their way from one side to the other.   In particular, there was an Army soldier dressed in his uniform holding his daughter’s hand, and I smiled as I watched them cross.  It was precious to watch as the little girl dressed in pink, skipped beside her father, smiling the whole way as she talked to him.  Whatever it was she was saying, you could tell he was amused by it ,and he enjoyed her company.  What was even sweeter was this “manly” man in uniform was carrying her little pink, princess book bag in his other hand.  I chuckled to myself thinking how many times my own husband has to endure his daughter's feminine  apparel.
                 As I continued my drive that morning, I pondered the scene played before me.  It reminded me of how God, our Heavenly Father, walks with me daily.   He takes my hand and guides me, while carrying all my burdens for the day, so that I don’t have to carry the weight of life on my shoulders.  More importantly, He is willing to talk to me as we walk together; encouraging and reassuring me .  The other thing that struck me was this father and soldier represented safety and authority through his uniform.   More so, he represented a father willing to take his precious daughter by the hand, leading her safely with love and attention.
                Psalm 139:10 says, “Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.”  How comforting it is to know that my Heavenly Father is willing to take my hand and guide me safely whenever I need Him to. Also, He is willing to carry my bag of burdens and speak words of encouragement to me , allowing me to know that He is an ever present source of love and protection.
                In what ways are you like this little girl? Do you need the protection of your Heavenly Father today, or do you need some loving, encouraging guidance as you make some decisions?  Be comforted in knowing that His hand is always available, waiting for you to take it and say,“Daddy!”  Have a blessed Friday!

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