Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vitamins For Life

                             I laughed to myself as I passed by the various bottles of vitamins aligned neatly on my kitchen counter-top ( Of course, I still need to take them for today). I gave myself credit for arranging them by size( maybe I learned this from Julia Robert’s movie, Sleeping with the Enemy):Korean Panax Ginseng (metabolism), Ginkgo Biloba (memory--bought the SUPER size), Fish oil, Vitamin C and a couple more. Wouldn’t life be easier if I could also take one multi-vitamin for things like: patience, love, forgiveness,  a three year old’s tantrum, a teenager’s attitude, my prayer life, diligence,peace, spiritual discipline, child rearing, marriage, a husband’s moodiness, and household chores?  Can you imagine what my counter-top would look like then? 
                        Unfortunately, vitamins like these cease to exist.  However, the good news is that God provides the ultimate health essential in this area—Jesus!  Of course, He does not come in milligrams or capsules, but rather in the perfect dosage-- as needed! Psalm 20:2 says, “May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion.”  Jesus can’t be bought at the local Walmart pharmacy or by a well meaning physician with a prescription. Trust me, you won’t get Him at any military doctor either—only 800 mg of Motrin! Instead, you will have to get your supply from above.  The good news is, it’s free and you control the prescription. 
                        Life doesn’t have to be complicated when you have Jesus as your daily dose of immune, heart, mind and spiritual support.  So, the next time you reach for that Omega- 3 capsule; stop and ask yourself if Jesus has a better way? I do believe  vitamins have their purpose, but what I'm saying is that Jesus is the vitamin for your spiritual life.  What kind of  spiritual vitamins  do you need today?   I hope you stay rejuvenated this week with the ultimate supply of energy and help for your life—Jesus!

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