Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super Nanny

 “For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.”
Psalm 33:4
Recently, my oldest son received a note home from school that was not so favorable.  I was disappointed by his actions because it resulted with him hurting one of his classmates.  One of the most important things I try and instill in my children is Godly character.  Apparently, kindness went out the window this particular day.  It made me question my parenting and ask myself, “Where am I missing it with him?” 
            I am a parent who believes in discipline and that every action has consequences, both good and bad.  But, because he had already received punishment from his teacher at school (probably more powerful than anything I could’ve come up with), I decided to just talk to him about his poor choice and give him the grace to grow from his mistake.   However, I questioned myself again, if I was doing the right thing or should I be harsher.  Without really knowing, I gave it over to the Lord to deal with. 
            Later in the week, my son was expecting to get tested for his next belt in Karate.  However, he needed a written consent from both his teacher and I based off of his behavior and responsibilities for the week.  My job was to grade him on his performance at home only and it would be up to his teacher to expose anything going on at school.  Well, she did just that and she let the instructor know of his poor behavior that week.  She also sent a copy of the evidence attached to his form.
            Apparently, Justin wasn’t aware of the full report being disclosed from his teacher that day as he went to Karate.  In fact, he was under the impression that he would be getting his next belt that night.  He was one excited kid!  During Karate class, his teacher pulled me aside and informed  me she couldn’t promote him because of the negative report he had received.  I completely understood and agreed with her decision.  However, as his mom, I felt bad for him that he would miss out on the blessing of being awarded his next belt, but at the same time, I was praising God too!  Why you might ask? Well, because God was parenting my son! The power didn’t lay in my hands at this point, God was working.   I had doubt earlier that if I was doing the right thing to begin with concerning his behavior  and left it up to God to deal with it.  Well, my prayers were being answered- He was!  God was being faithful to teach Justin a better lesson than even I could have. God was showing His power over my son’s life- and I could reap the benefits later!
            Needless to say, Justin was disappointed and upset.  But, it was a good upset, the kind that convicts and hopefully changes you.  I remember on the ride home, I knew it was an opportunity for me to talk to him about his dilemma.  I tried to encourage him past his mistake and told him that it was a chance for him to become better and overcome.  My heart ached for him, but rejoiced too.  He was learning a life lesson and as much as I wanted to shelter him from that pain, I knew he needed it, too. 
            As I went to bed that night, I thanked God for many reasons, but mostly for being faithful to parent my son.  It built faith in me that even when I doubt my skills as a parent, or feel like I am missing it, God will cover me with grace and be faithful to step in on my behalf in ways that only He can do as a Heavenly Father!  Not only was this a great lesson for Justin, but for me too.  I can trust God with my children.  I know  it may seem like a silly thing to say, but if you are a parent, I am sure you’ve struggled at some point with this. However,  God is a forever-faithful parent and He knows what my/HIS kids need better than I ever could.  As far as I am concerned, God can be my super nanny-any day!

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  1. Thank you for sharing with us, Kim! I often think I need Super Nanny to come save my kids from me. lol... I'm learning, though, to trust God in this area as well. It's hard. I still think I'm the worst mom out there sometimes and wonder how my kids will ever turn into the people I hope they will become. Man, being a parent is hard! It's a good thing we have the ultimate model in our God!