Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Move Over Easter Bunny and Cadbury Eggs--There is Something Sweeter!

Easter is fast approaching and for most people it will be a celebration of families getting together, backyard egg hunts, egg decorating, pretty dresses, chocolate filled candy and possibly a sunrise Easter service.  Tradition has it that Cadbury Eggs hit the grocery store shelves at this time too. Who can resist those creamy little delicacies, right? To boot, there are egg coloring kits of all kinds available now.  I marvel at the neat decorations they have for coloring eggs: stickers, sparkles, color dye, paint, markers, glitter-you name it, at the local supermarkets and stores.  It beats the old way we use to color eggs…Wait a minute!  Oh, that’s right, I was robbed of that joy because my mom bought us only plastic eggs because she didn’t like the mess of coloring eggs.  I forgive you, mom, because now I understand-- I have kids of my own!-lol
            Speaking of which….Kids and Easter…How do you celebrate Easter in your home? What does it mean to you? What kind of message are you sending to the next generation? All of these questions have been floating around in my head over the past couple of weeks.  Actually, more so then ever as I look at the world we live in today where there seems to be no respect for anything.  Morals and traditions are at a loss and found to be controversial and unacceptable.  Like most Christians, I’ve been trying to reflect on the true meaning of this season-Jesus!  However, this year I really examined the traditions that were past down to me and how I’ve either incorporated them into my own children’s lives or not.  I grew up Catholic but today I claim to be a non-denominational Christian.  Bottom line for me is Jesus!  I simply love Him and take seriously the responsibility I have to pass the heritage of Christ to my kids.
            Exodus 12:14 says," This is the day you are to commemorate;for the generations to come you shall celebrate it as festival to the Lord a lasting ordinance."  This passage is talking about remembering the Passover where God went through Egypt and wiped out all the first born children because of the sin of Pharaoh and the people. But He saved the Israelites  who honored Him and placed blood above their doors. It’s supposed to be a time of thanksgiving and reflection of the grace and provision God has given us throughout the ages.  Last night while reading this with my family, my oldest son, asks me why God would do such a horrific thing.  To him it seemed unfair. His question was reasonable for an eleven year old.  Of course, I gently explained the character of God and how this was an act of judgment done in love. Father's discipline their children in love.  Ugh-not an easy thing to explain, right? Hopefully, by the time Easter season is over with and we get through the resurrection scriptures, God will reveal that love to Him more.  However, I was tickled pink for the conversation because although it was a tough question to answer, the fact remains that God was being talked about in our home. His name was being remembered, even if the questions were hard.   At the end of the day, this is what God wants for each of His children’s children—to remember Him through the generations!  Passover and Easter is a time to remember that God promised to take us out of slavery, set us free, redeem us and take us unto Him.   It is our responsibility to remember and talk about Christ and the inheritance God gave to us through the shedding of His blood with our children.
              Is Easter a time of celebrating  Easter sales ,trying to find the perfect dress attire for your kids or is it about the gift of life being handed to you by God? We will still have fun with some traditions.  However, Easter Bunny and Cadburry Eggs will have to move over because there is something sweeter to celebrate—Jesus! He will be filling my kid’s bellies and memories for years to come and hopefully generations thereafter…

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