Saturday, April 2, 2011

Are you willing to be Fish and Bread?

                 Jesus said in Matthew 15: 32,“I have compassion for these people; they have been with me three days and have nothing to eat. I do not want to send them away hungry, or they may collapse on the way.”  Jesus understood what these people needed for their journey home and was willing to supply them with it.  Of course, this was after he spent three days healing great crowds in Galilee.  Can you imagine how tired He must have been, but instead of thinking of Himself, He continued to put these people’s needs first. The one thing I love about Jesus is that He was in the business of people and not Himself!  In Matthew 15, we learn that Jesus heals the sick, takes compassion on them, and supplies their needs by taking a small amount of loaves and fish and multiplying it to feed the people.
                In what way can we take this truth into our lives, into our homes and into the world around us? It begins with making yourself available.  Jesus made Himself available to the people for three full days.  Next, He had compassion for them, thinking of their upcoming needs as well. I love that God is complete in all He does.   After discerning their needs- He supplied them! He didn’t ask them to come back because there wasn’t enough food.   Instead, by faith, He took what He had to give and allowed God to multiply it.  Most people would’ve seen this as impossible, but Jesus doesn’t have that mindset. He looks to God for the provision— key!  How many of us don’t do this, instead we depend on ourselves and fail?
                The truth I found most compelling to me is that Jesus’s heart was to heal, no matter what it took.   In order for us to heal, we must have compassion and discernment.   When I say heal, I’m not necessarily talking about profound miracles.  However, it is possible!  What I’m talking about is healing in the everyday.  How does that apply in our homes with our family? Friends? Work? Neighborhoods?  Everyone needs Jesus daily. In a way, we are to be the bread and fish being given out so that God can feed the thousands.  
 How can we heal people in the everyday?  For example, when I see my husband or friend that may be tired, I can offer them rest for their bodies by helping out and allowing them time to recuperate.  I may see that one of my kids is frustrated, so in that moment they need encouragement, maybe through a hug or kind words.   Whatever the case, we must be like Jesus and listen (take time to acknowledge people) and understand (spiritually discern).  We must be willing (desire) to heal as opportunities come available.
                   I love that God meets us in our circumstances, willing to help us whenever we step out in faith. The disciples only had seven loaves of fish and a few loaves of bread, but that did not stop Jesus from coming through for the people—He knew where His help came from and His true supplier was! We can take this truth and use it in our own lives.  When we feel depleted from a deployment or tired from taking care of kids all day long, God will meet us with the supply we need to heal or serve our family or us, personally.
                How can you be like Jesus today and healing those around you? Are you willing to be available to heal with compassion and supply others with your gifts to feed them?   Take time to listen, understand with compassion and you will be amazed at the supply given to you to be successful.  Have you ever thought that you could be a symbolic as the fish and bread being supplied out to the Body of Christ so that God heal and feed thousands?  If not, be willing to be used and multiplies today.   Enjoy your Spring weather!

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