Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got Temptation?

If you are human-you will be tempted! Even Jesus was tempted by Satan, but He didn't sin and He promises us that we too can overcome.  There are all kinds of areas in our lives where we are tempted.  I'm not just talking about sexual lusts, but normal everyday thoughts that try to come and steal the blessing of God from us, trying to steal our time, our peace or even our joy!  Let me name a few for me. As a mother, I am tempted to allow the TV to babysit my kids all day long.  However, I have to keep a balance with it and give them other things to do.  Also, I can be tempted at times to watch tv and do nothing for hours on end. Especially shows that are not life giving.   Occasionally this is fine, but when it takes up most of my day, then it can become an issue, especially when other responsibilities are being placed on hold.  Shopping or the desire to eat out can become an issue of we allow it.  I can be tempted not to honor my husband in certain situations or even not take the time I need to cultivate our marriage because I'm too busy with the house or kids, etc.  As a military wife, I can be tempted each time I move to withdraw and not meet new people because it is much more enjoyable at times to be alone. Facebook can be an issue too if I don't time myself-lol! Lastly, as I writer, I can be tempted to write all day or not write at all-balance is needed!   So, those are a few for me....what about you?

What temptations do you face daily as a mother, wife and Woman of God? How do you deal with them. I'd love to hear some of your ideas...
Be encouraged today that God is with you and will complete the good work He started in you- you can overcome through Jesus!...Happy Tuesday!

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