Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Kind of View Do You Have?

Often times as Christians, we hear, “It’s not about you!” Ouch, no one likes to hear this!  However, it’s true —it’s about God!  Kingdom business is always at hand.   Jesus understood this truth and lived His life with purpose, knowing what His destiny was , and  keeping it before Him daily.  I love the fact that He did not allow circumstances to distract Him from the greater vision.  Quite simply, He had a Kingdom View! God sees our end from our beginning, but we too ,know what our end will be when we are in Christ—eternal glory with Him in Heaven!  
 Yesterday, I was speaking with a girlfriend , who I have known for years.  We have the kind of relationship where we can be completely honest with one another, the iron-sharpen-iron kind.   It is such a blessing as we’ve both shared our hearts of joy and heartache with one another through the years.  It’s a safe place for me to go when I truly need someone to listen without judging me, while also keeping me accountable and encouraged at the same time. 
            As we talked, she was telling me about a recent disappointment she had endured.  She did not get the promotion or job that she had recently applied for.  I had compassion for her because I knew that she had worked hard and was looking forward to the  possible opportunity.  However, it didn’t happen.  As humans, it’s only human to feel disappointed and begin to question the possibilities of why.  However, this only ends up  leading us  down a road of  self.  As she went on telling me her heart, I quickly reminded her that God’s “no” is not always personal or meant to hurt her, but rather  possibly protect her and  or even position her  appropriately according to His Kingdom plans.  In other words, there is always a bigger picture and it isn’t always about us.         
            She needed to get a Kingdom view—we all do!  We get so wrapped up in our lives and the details that move us from day to day that we forget that the world does not evolve around us.  The world is God’s creation and so are we—He’s in control!  Each of us have a destiny and are purposed specifically.  Timing and proper alignment are important to God.  He needs each of us to be where we need to be at just the right time, so that His good works can be glorified through us.  We have to trust Him with the details and stop making life about us.  Easier said then done, right?  I understood her heart because she wanted to rationalize things, but you can’t because we only see such a small part of the bigger picture.  I reminded her to trust Him with timing and alignment for her life. My friend graciously agreed and thanked me for the reminder.  What she didn’t realize, is it helped remind me, too!  Also, it made her feel better that it wasn’t a rejection from God but possibly a protection or guidance of where she really needs to be for next year. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you but bring you a hope and a future.”  Maybe it should also read, “ For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, to properly align you and it isn’t always about you, but if you trust me, I will bring you a hope and a future, better than anything you can imagine!”
            Do you have a Kingdom view or is your view on life narrowed by self?  Be encouraged today to keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of not only your faith, but the Kingdom! Think Kingdom..get a view!  Trust Him today to position you properly for the best life He wants for you, even if it doesn’t make sense to you.  Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture—God!  When we get a Kingdom view then it makes more sense because our hearts and minds are then aligned with God’s will and our eyes are on Him—not us!

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