Tuesday, April 19, 2011

His Name was Aaron...

The room was crowded, filled with many faces, each one scarfing down the food before them.  For some of them, it was their only meal for days.   As I scanned the tables, I saw him.    His head was bowed low as he ate slowly, as if it was painful with each swallow.  He was barely hanging on for life.  His dark hair appeared messy and he wore a  torn sweater with a white collared shirt just peeking through.  He was deep in thought, quiet and humbled.  My heart filled with compassion for this young man as I watched him.  It’s never easy to serve at the homeless shelter.  The faces of suffering and pain are almost too much to bear sometimes, but I know that this is where the Lord changes lives. So, I swallowed back my tears and kept serving, hoping to be used in some small way.  Lord, just help me be a light of hope here tonight.
            Then, like a soft breeze came a whisper from the Lord, Tell him he’s my creation, remind him how much I love him and purposed him specifically with a bright, powerful mind, remind him that he is mine and I have made him with promise.  He is smart—remind him!  Tears began to fill my eyes as I felt the love of God for this young homeless man fill me up, so much that it propelled me towards him.   At first I was taken aback by what God was nudging me to do, but love moved me!
            I pulled out the chair in front of him and nervously sat down.  He looked up with his deep brown eyes and quickly looked down again.  I swallowed and asked him his name.  His name was Aaron.  I boldly spoke to him the same words God had just given me for him.  I could tell he was taken back and speechless.  Then his eyes filled with tears and a huge smile appeared on his face, yet no words were spoken from his mouth.  The other homeless men got quiet around us.  In fact, one of them whispered, “Boy, that is weird, man!”   Aaron laughed gently but did not speak.  Instead he grinned from ear to ear.
            He knew…He remembered….. In that moment he was loved!  It was as if Holy Spirit touched him right there and healed him.  His smile said it all as his countenance changed before my eyes.  I said it again, “Aaron you are smart and God has purposed you and will use you—trust Him!”  He looked at me and I could tell that it was received.
            I then walked away with tears falling from my own eyes.  I was just touched by God through Aaron!  My heart was filled with so much joy and promise for a man that I didn't know.  But God knew Him!  His name was Aaron…
            Please pray for Aaron tonight.  He is a young man from the Kansas City Rescue Mission that I had the honor to meet tonight.  Like you and like me, he is has a destiny in Christ Jesus and a prayer for him tonight from you could empower him to that place….Thanks for listeningJ

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