Friday, November 5, 2010

Rock On!

"Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts." (1 Chronicles 16:9)

 Ever see a person driving down the road enjoying the music in their car with their heads bobbing back and forth and their mouths singing a mile a minute? Well, I love watching people who do that! Maybe because it takes one to know one.

Ever have one of those "Rock" or worship  sessions in the car by yourself with God? Well, I live for them! I found myself this afternoon in the car alone(very RARE moment) turning up the music and singing to my hearts content. I always love sitting at traffic lights and noticing the looks on people's faces when you are abandoned in worship to the Lord. I can only imagine that I look like a middle aged crazy woman strung out on God knows what! Believe me, my arms get to flailing around and I think I am Mariah Carey or some great music artist who has just hit the pinnacle of her career! Thank God, noone can really hear how awful I really sing! I will stick with my day job, I am no fool!  I can only imagine God gets a chuckle or two himself, but you know what, He loves it and I LOVE Him!

I don't care that I look like a crazed soul on the road and that my neighbors might think I am going through a mid-life crisis with the volume turned up in my car as I drive oblivious to the people around me. I will choose to "Rock On!"......In the Spirit realm , I am the next great praise Artist!

It doesn't matter how you praise, just do it! Have you "Rocked" to the Lord today? If so, what was your song about?

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  1. You are soo not the only one !! There are soo many songs that get me moving but the ones that remain true to my heart are the songs by Jars of Clay. Maybe because they are one of the first christian bands I have heard of .. who knows . The song I jam out to the most is "Love song for a savior " by Jars of clay and the other is "How he loves " by the David Crowder band . But what gets me moving is not just the songs that I sing while I drive or clean , But the way they move me !! That is the best feeling in the world !!