Friday, November 12, 2010

Follow up for Blog...."Tearing Down the High Places"

This is a follow up of information about my blog on "Tearing Down the High Place." I recieved this information from someone who use to dabble in withcraft and the occult but has been delivered from such matters. Thankfully, she is now a Christian and no longer a witch.  I thought you would find it interesting to what the symbols to the altar formation we found yesterday represented...

The triangle is used to represent a deity.  It is also used in the masonic alot; the rock represents earth and may have something to do with whatever spell or something they were trying to do.  The stick is used by the Goddess of the ceremony to mark a place and also to let everyone know of her position and she uses it to cast the spell.  The cup is used to hold the potion and the cup is sometimes referred to as a cauldron and the yellow liquid was probably hand made and had something to do with the spell they were casting.

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