Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Need Another Belt Hole This Thanksgiving?

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? It seems like just yesterday we  left the sweltering heat of the Mojave Desert to the rolling hills of Kansas! At any rate, like most of America we will be traveling to see family and share in a bountiful meal. I don't know about you, but I am all about the food! Unfortunately, I am one of those people who live to eat not eat to live! How I wish I was the skinny gal who could look at food and not be moved by it.

However this year, I don't want to put on the extra pounds because I just spent some time taking them off. I have always struggled with my weight to a point. More so, after I had my last two children back to back!  When I was in the military, I had to always get taped because I was always about 5 pounds off , but I would always make the tape test.  I tend to be a muscular build and muscle weighs more than fat, at least that is what I would tell myself!-lol Glad those days are over with. I remember starving myself for days because I didn't want the embarrassment of having to be taped. Through the years, I have come to accept that I will never be a size 6 ever again( I think that happened for about 2 seconds somewhere in my life!) but my focus is more about making healthy choices and keeping my body moving at least 30 minutes a day.

This Thanksgiving, I want to enjoy my time with family but at the same time maintain my health. Believe me people, I can go OVERBOARD!!-lol.....I have a small plan of action which is the half the battle....just being aware of what you eat can make a huge difference. For me portion sizes have always been my down fall. I grew up eating 2nd's and third helpings and desert every night. I can't blame my mother, she was a good cook and she was Englishman!  The Europeans love their deserts, not to mention the McMahon clan!

I will be watching portion sizes and scaling back.  Before, I would I never even consider them, but these days I try to eat on a smaller plates and keep the serving bowls off the table to avoid the temptation of more. Also, I plan on allowing myself to indulge in desert. However, again keeping things within limits. I believe in cheating once a week. The biggest thing is to try and keep my body moving for at least 30 minutes a day while traveling will be the challenge,  so I will throw in some walking shoes and make it happen! Craig tries to book hotels that have a gym or indoor pool, so no excuses! Again, have a plan and stick to it!! Go prepared and hold yourself accountable.  And even if you don't have the luxury of those things, you can still exercise without equipment, you just have to be creative. There are tons of ideas on the internet.

There are a ton more tips I could share, but I would love to hear any you might have as we approach the new year about weight loss or even about healthier cooking. It is funny how as I get older and am about to be 40 , I am more aware of my body more than ever, especially what I feed my children. I use to buy sweets all the time, but now I try to limit the deserts to once a week and even try to portion them out. Of course, my 10 year old son whines the whole time and I get faces made at me that would stop any mom in her tracks, but I try to remember that I am his example and more so I am his mother! It is up to me to pass to him good habits....Whatever habits he learns , they will be with him for a lifetime!

I would love to hear any advice, tips or suggestions to how to lead a healthier  Holiday  season this year!
I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving full of joy and great memories. Be safe and enjoy your life!:)

Below is an article I read from Cooper Wellness:
  1. First of all, don't arrive at a Thanksgiving dinner hungry. Eat a good breakfast and maybe even lunch that day.
  2. Fill half your plate with vegetables, one quarter of it with lean meat, and one quarter with starches like mashed potatoes and turkey dressing.
  3. Choose white-meat turkey and avoid eating the skin.  
  4. Void gravy. Turkey doesn't need to be smothered in gravy to taste good. If you want gravy, just drip a little on your meat and potatoes.
  5. Limit yourself to small helpings of heavily sweetened yams and cranberry sauces.
  6. Use restraint when dinner rolls are passed around. Buttered rolls may melt in your mouth, but they're full of calories, so only eat one.
  7. Try sampling in moderation the many foods that you have looked forward to. And consider bringing something healthy to the dinner, like a side dish that's low in fat, sugar and salt.
  8. Eat slowly. By eating Thanksgiving dinner slowly, your body has time to register when it is full so that you don't consume too much. Don't load your fork with the next bite while still chewing the current one. And instead of hurrying for a second helping, consider taking a short break. Stand up and burn off a few calories by lending a hand in the kitchen. Your hosts will, of course, appreciate the help!
  9. At dessert time, try to choose the lightest options. Pick pumpkin over pecan pie, for example, and avoid 200 calories in the process. Or just eat half a piece of pie, and pass on whipped toppings and ice cream. As dinner winds down over coffee, avoid any plates of additional sweets that may be sitting on the table.
  10. After Thanksgiving dinner, take a walk with your friends or family. Fifteen minutes of walking will get your blood circulating and can burn off 100 calories, says Susie Kania, exercise physiologist at Cooper Wellness. The fresh air will invigorate you after a long stay at the table.

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