Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where is your Boat?... Faith vs Fear

                Recently, I’ve been pondering on making a decision that will affect my life because it will mean more responsibility, more time, and more energy(ugh!).  Bottom line- sacrifice! At the same time, in the back of my mind I feel led to take on this  position because I feel it’s something the Lord is requiring of me.  I try to make it a point not to allow my emotions or flesh to get in the way of obedience (easier said than done). Because I’ve slowly learned that obedience requires a sacrifice but the pay off it always worth it in the end.  God will always require sacrifice because it's about becoming less of us and more of Him!  But there are times when I allow my emotions of fear, anxiety and worry begin to sneak in and begin to doubt if I can really do this difficult task in front of me.  In other words, I look at the impossible (me) instead of the possible (God.)
                As Military wives, we too are faced with times like these in the form of deployments.  We know this is something that God is calling us to do but we also know that it requires MORE of us(ugh)!  It means that we will have to take on more responsibility which requires more energy and time. Bottom line-sacrifice!  In the month before a deployment or even in the days of, we might look at our circumstances as overwhelming and have no idea of how we will be able to do it.  The dishes are piling up, the kids are misbehaving, homework has to be done, laundry is calling and dinner still has to be cooked! How will we get it done?
                In these times, I’m often reminded of Jesus in the boat with his disciples in a storm(Luke 8:22-25).  He is relaxed and sleeping and they are all frantic and fearful.  When they scream out to Him, “Master, Master, we are perishing!” Or for us, it might sound like, "Oh God, where is my Calgon moment-please take this away!" He simply replies, “Where is your faith?”
                How are you like those disciples in the midst of your everyday or during a deployment when the world around you is chaotic and overwhelming? Do you feel like you can’t make it? Are you perishing emotionally and spiritually? Today, where is your boat headed? Where is your faith?  Call to your Master and take faith because He will calm the raging storm in of doubt and fear.  When we see the impossible, He is the possible!

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