Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Closet Jewelry Are You Hiding?

"Isn't everything you have and everything you are sheer gifts from God?" 1 Corinthians 4:7 MSG
If you’re like most women, you dream of one day being able to have a beautifully, sophisticated, organized closet to store all your possessions in.  Maybe it will be one where you have a high back, satin-upholstered chair to sit in to change shoes or casually read a magazine, while drinking coffee and eating whatever the butler serves you.  After all, you have  more than enough  time to ponder your  choice of wardrobe before heading to the post PX or commissary , right?.......Not!  For most military wives, you are just grateful for a sufficient enough closet to store your things. Never mind elegance.  Closets are the least of your worries!  Functionality and enough room for hubby to store his dirty combat boots and ACU’s( Army Combat Uniform)  is the mission at hand. 

I’ve had many closets throughout my travels as an army wife. Some of them were awesome, meaning that I was able to have enough room to spread out my belongings and actually see what I own.  However, I don’t allow myself to get spoiled because you never know what the next move will bring you.  

So, why all the talk about closets, you might be asking?  Well, recently while standing in line at my local Wal-Mart, I happen to pick up a magazine to help pass the time while the woman in front of me purchased enough groceries to last her a month or two in the Alaskan terrain. Patiently, (well, maybe that is a stretch) I read an article about how the average woman in America wears only a small percentage of what she owns. The article went on to challenge women to get rid of what they were calling, “closet jewelry”(basically items or clothing that are not being used but  rather only add to the décor of their closet).  They suggested donating the items to people in need. 

Well, I am guilty as charged; I am one of those women who have beautiful clothes, purses, and shoes that I have NEVER worn. In fact, some of them still have the price tags on.  Feeling convicted, I decided to start going through my closet to get rid of the “closet jewelry.” It was liberating to know that these valuable items would finally find some purpose and hopefully enrich lives.
However, today my blog is not about just useless “closet jewelry” that collects in your closet and looks pretty, but rather about you as a person. You see, as I began to reflect on this matter, I felt there was a deeper message that the Lord was imparting to me. 

We too are like closets. We hold some really valuable things within us that are not being used.  For example, some of us might hold the talents for taking pictures, cooking, baking, teaching, parenting, dealing with kids, encouraging people, etc., the lists are endless. God didn’t create us without a purpose. Our gifts and talents were never meant to be “closet jewelry.”    
So, what closet jewelry are you hiding? What would God have you do with what He has given to you? Don’t let those items or gifts go to waste today. Instead, clean out your closet and give it all away! 

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