Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Favor of a Kimchi Blow

“I will not leave you orphaned; I will come to you”
John 14:18

As a small child, the word “home” was one of my favorite words that I would say over and over. While on vacations or trips, I would ask, “When are we going home? You see, I was an orphan during the Vietnam War and home held a place of security for me. At 18 months old, I was found begging on the streets of Vietnam for food. A concerned citizen, or shall I dare say, an angel of the Lord, found me and brought me to some nuns at a nearby French Orphanage in Saigon. It was there I was raised by these beautiful servants of the Lord and I found favor with them. God had a plan for me!

A couple was looking to adopt an infant at the orphanage I was at. However, the nuns wanted me to find a home because I was the oldest child there. So, they asked this couple if they would consider adopting me as well. Of course, they were elated with joy for the opportunity to not only bring home one child, but two! “A double blessing in disguise” my mother says to this day! I was taken into a home filled with love and security. Today, I have 4 children of my own and I look back and I’m amazed by the grace and provision God gave me during such a crucial time in my life.

As military wives, we too sometimes may feel abandoned or orphaned as we go through long deployments or feel lonely as we move around constantly losing our place of security during our transitional assignments. However, we can rest in the provision that God provides for us. We can trust His stability of love and provision in our lives and know that He goes before us in everything we experience. What security are you looking for today? Allow God to meet you with your need and watch Him shine His favor upon your circumstances as He did for me. He is faithful!


  1. I LOVE this Kim! This would be an excellent submission for a devo book. ;)

  2. Thanks Laryssa, great minds think alike...sent it out this morning-lol!

  3. Beautiful, my dear! What an amazing testimony of God's love and faithfulness!!!! :) And Laryssa is excellent submission for a devotional. ;)

  4. Thanks Ladies, you will be glad to know that I submitted this devotional and another one this morning to HACWN for a new project. I have to laugh at the two of you because I feel like I just received two shoes up my behind-lol...I bow the knee:)-lol