Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Up, Take Your Mat and Go Home!"

                Matthew 9:9 says, “Get up, take your mat and go home.”  When I read this verse the other day, I laughed to myself as I thought of myself  so many times laying on aerobics mats and only wishing that the class instructor would’ve said those words to me! Believe me, I wouldn’t have hesitated to leave! 
                However in this case, Jesus was talking to a paralytic man after he had just healed him.  Immediately, the man got up and went home.  No hesitation took place just simple action of his faith. He believed he was healed --he walked!  How many of us would have doubted and come up with questions or excuses on why we couldn’t just walk away? Our minds would have tried to bargain for reasons why we couldn’t do what Jesus just asked us to.  Have you ever doubted Jesus?  Are you without faith? Is God asking you to do something that seems impossible for you?  
                 So many people today fail at having the faith to believe Christ at His word. Our doubts toss us around leaving us feeling beaten up, helpless, unable to stand- never mind walk in faith.  Instead, we would rather lie on a mat and accept our circumstances.  Doesn’t Jesus want more for us then to spend life on a mat paralyzed? What does your mat represent today? What things are keeping you moving from it? Jesus wants to heal you so, “Get up, take you mat and go home or wherever the Lord would ask you to go!”

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