Friday, February 18, 2011

Are You Sleepy?

“Rise, let us be going” (Matthew 26:46) 
            Have you ever depended on someone to do something for you and they failed to?  In this particular passage of scripture, Jesus, needed His disciples to pray for Him in the Garden of Gethsemane, but instead they slept.  How disappointed He must have felt that at such a crucial time hours before His death that His own followers failed Him.  However, Jesus didn’t get angry and start lecturing them about their failure, instead He said to them, “Rise, let us be going.”  Jesus went about His business like nothing happened and He expected His disciples to do the same. 
            Sometimes in life we have a difficult time doing this, especially when we failed at something important.  It is human nature to dwell on it and not want to move past it quickly. There are times when an opportunity has presented itself and we didn’t take the chance to seize it, instead we failed to act.  It doesn’t matter what happens in life, God wants us to move on and not look back.  He is a God of second chances and then some.  Jesus basically instructed His friends to get up and let’s move past this because there were still things left to do.  So often we allow out setbacks or failures steal from the future.  We need to follow the example Jesus set and move on with life and not look back. 
            Are there places in your life where you have fallen asleep?  Have you allowed your sleep to keep you drowsy and without action.  Maybe today you can choose to wake up and rise from that place of rest that has kept you down.  There is still a life out there waiting for you to take hold of!

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