Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Blow Family....2010

Greetings Family and Friends,
     While browsing through Walmart back in October, I noticed that Christmas decorations were already on the shelves. It was weird seeing witches and ghosts alongside jolly old Santa Clause and Jesus. By the time I left the store, I felt like I needed therapy for having Holiday Schizophrenia . Thankfully I was able to get healed by a shot of Starbuck’s; it works every time! I recommend it to anyone!
     Well, the Blow family is now in the Land of Oz, Leavenworth, Kansas, to be exact. I keep thinking that I see Toto in my front yard, but it is just our old mutt, Gizmo, who could easily pass for him. As most of you know, Kayla moved to Illinois with her dad back in January for her senior year. It has been a challenge for me to have my oldest fly the nest, but I am happy to say she is doing well in school. She managed straight A’s since being there. We are proud of all she has overcome since moving. She also made the Varsity cheerleading team and attended her senior homecoming. She looked stunning after getting in shape! Her plans are to go to nursing school in Chicago. Of course, we miss her but are excited to see the next chapter in her life unfold.
     Justin, as usual, has adjusted well to his new surroundings. You can find him most days on a skateboard, playing basketball, or on the computer playing games. Recently, he started Karate and enjoys the discipline and challenges it has to offer. His aim is to be a black belt at some point, so we are happy that he has some goals to focus on.  Justin continues to get more handsome every year, but I am a little biased. LOL!
     Nathaniel attends pre-school 2 days out of the week. He uses his natural charm and chubby cheeks to win his classmates and teachers over. Nate loves to be the center of attention! He enjoys the normal rough and tumble boy things like guns, Batman and annoying his little sister, Ana, to no end. Believe me, Ana knows how to fight back and has given Nate a few wallops in return. Girl power!
     Anastasia is as beautiful as they come with her gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair. We like to call her “Curious Georgina” because she is always exploring things in the final frontier of the Blow house, taking her where no normal toddler should go! She is one sassy and persistent child and reminds me of the widow in the bible who badgers the judge until she gets her way. Trust me, she runs things around here!
     Craig is attending CGSC (Command and General Staff College) for the Army.  It is a leadership course to prepare Majors for high level staff positions. He is busy most days studying or writing papers but every now and again he sneaks in a day of golf. He didn’t have the chance to do that at all when we were in the California desert. Recently, he was in a golf tournament and his team placed 5th out of 3o teams. He came home telling me that he knows what he wants to be when he grows up—a professional golfer!  I won’t tell you my response. Needless to say, he hasn’t quit his day job just yet! Craig also applied for the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) Master’s program and is hoping to find out soon if he made the list. I am so proud of Craig, and he continues to be an inspiration to me daily with all he does as a soldier and keeping the balance of family too. I am truly blessed by this man!
     As for myself, I keep busy doing what I love the most—being a mother. I am still involved with PWOC and plan on teaching some Bible classes again this spring. I also write monthly devotionals for their International Website. I love writing on my own daily blog called “Fab Life- Army Wife.” Also, in January, I am excited to embark on a new blog with a friend to help encourage and inspire other women, called “Encourage. Empower.  Extend.”
     As you can see, we continue to be blessed with all that God has done for us throughout the year. We are reminded how faithful God is as He takes us from place to place as an Army family. We wish you all a great Holiday Season and blessings for the year ahead. May the New Year ahead bring you more blessings than you ever dreamed of, and may you continue to grow in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Craig, Kimchi, Kayla, Justin, Nathaniel, Anastasia

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