Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Teddy Bear Hugs

Unless, you're a military wife, it's hard to explain the feelings that stir inside of you before a deployment.  It doesn't matter how many deployments you've been through, it still tugs at your heart as if it was the first time!   For me the hardest part of the deployment are the weeks just before my soldier leaves. There is this anxious anticipation building.  I begin to ask God to  prepare my heart and mind for the dreaded goodbye. Without realizing it, I begin a countdown in my head and heart to the precious days we have left together as a family.  Ask any military spouse and I can guarantee you they do the same thing.

As I write this, my husband is preparing a message to the kids that he will later record for them inside their deployments bears that we bought them at Build a Bear store today.  What's more comforting than hearing their father's voice to help comfort them when they need that extra love and encouragement? 

The truth is, even as an adult, I'm not that much different   I'm one of those military wives who sleeps with her hubby's t-shirt after he leaves just so that I can smell his scent and feel a little closer to him.  Silly, huh? Judge me if you want, but until you've faced a long deployment, you don't realize the loneliness and vulnerability that you feel at times. Anything helps, even a smelly old t-shirt!-lol...However, I've learned to lean on something more secure than Hanes T-shirts these days.  I have God as my husband while my soldier is away. 

In the end, I'm no different than my sweet precious children.  I too, need that comfort of hearing daddy's voice telling me he loves me and that everything will be okay.  Thankfully, I have a supportive and loving earthly dad who does that but I'm even more grateful that my Father in heaven is the one who foresees what I need even before I ask and brings me that peace and comfort in abundance.

I may not have a bear to squeeze and listen to, but I have a God who I can call on and He will speak His truth's right into the depths of my heart that will sustain me this year! Even now, I can smile knowing full well that "Daddy" is there for me and my kiddos. After all His word promises to be close to the broken hearted and sometimes during a deployment your heart does break as you miss your loved one and your family is split apart for a time. I can honestly say that deployments are what you make of them.  I won't like, they are not easy but they can be the best year if you choose to allow it to be because you and your family grow in ways you never dreamed possible because God is in the midst of it all.  In a way, He truly is that squeezable teddy bear that can instantly bring us comfort!

To those of you facing a deployment or are currently in one now, know that you are not alone.  You have many sisters across the globe in your position.  Be strong and courageous.  I pray that your Heavenly Father will speak a comforting word to you today as you serve and sacrifice your spouses for this nation's freedom.  Remember that your making a difference as you spend this year raising your family alone.  God sees the sacrifice and He will bless you for it!:D

Be brave fearless warriors--love you all!:D

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