Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FAB Life- Army Wife- "Embrace the NEW!" BY Kimchi Blow

Fab Life, Army Wife. I know what some of you might be thinking, “Whatever!” Or some of you might agree that being an Army wife is fabulous. If you want my honest opinion, it will depend on what day you ask me, where I am currently stationed, and if hubby is deployed. Honestly though, most days I would not trade my life as a military wife for anything. Yes, it has its challenges but so does civilian life. We always want what we can’t have and sometimes never appreciate what we do have. It starts with the right mind set and the attitude will follow. I am a “Suck it up, Drive on!” kind of gal. Sure, I have those days where I wish we could settle into a community permanently, having wonderful, close knit friends whose children grow up with mine and where I will see my kids get married in the same church they grew up in. But let’s get real, this is not Leave it to Beaver, this is real life. Sure, life would be blissful if I could get our family cast on that show. Whose life is really like that anyways??? I think I would probably grow bored after a year or so and wish for new orders to take us on a new adventure. Or I can imagine myself on a Calgon commercial saying, “Calgon take me away and make it Hawaii!” Life is what you make of it, military or not. I am proud to be a military wife and I know what I do on the home front counts. It is a call. When my husband puts on his uniform so do I. There is a job to be done and in the end the commitment will pay off not only to our country, but to our children too. They will see the sacrifices made with deployments and the countless days they see their soldier gone fighting wars, but they will be able to know they were a part of something bigger than themselves. And in the end, isn’t that what life is all about, other people and not ourselves?
Speaking of orders, we are 37 days out from transitioning from the Mojave Desert to the land of the Wizard of Oz and tornadoes, Kansas. I am actually looking forward to it. There is something about the unknown that excites me. Of course, I don’t like the sea of boxes that will await me and will take me months to go through, but the thought and possibilities that await us with each new move is stimulating to ponder. I am the kind of gal who loves to go shopping at yard sales just for the thrill of the hunt, just to see what is out there. To go where no woman has ever gone before, per say. To me, new moves represents new opportunities, new people, new experiences, new stores to shop, new challenges to overcome, new things to learn, just NEW LIFE in general. The old has to make way for the New, so why not take it on and run with it! Am I crazy? Some would say, yes! But I say, bring it on! Blow some fresh new wind my way! By the way, did I mention to you that if you know me, I am known to change furniture around in my house weekly just for the NEW vibe it gives out. I told you I was crazy!
Anyways, I want to encourage any of you who might be facing a NEW move, a New change, a NEW challenge, a NEW whatever, embrace it! Give yourself the chance to grow and you will find yourself in the end better for it OR better yet, you might just find yourself!
Until next time….keep persevering and paint your toes, summer is coming!!!!!!!!

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